Laurie A Weaver
Bachelors of Architecture
Bachelors of Environmental Science
System Designer, NASA Johnson Space CTR

Photography is an interpretation of life, an artist’s particular vision. I look for the connections in relationships or the brief sparks of emotion people and pets let slip out, then strive to layer in the complexity and texture of light and of a particular environment.

People are intriguing, their potential energy, amazing. I have seen women fresh out of chemotherapy treatment, train for and complete their first triathlon, even though they were terrified of the water. Capital of Texas Team Survivor is people striving, achieving and supporting one another as they take their lives back from cancer. They inspire me. They stop me from complaining.

People who get up every day knowing their hurdles are standing tall in front of them and still put shoes on and shove out in to the world, impress me. I photograph for Komen, Team Survivor and others because I love being around these warriors. An opportunity to travel and photograph with Operation Smile opened my eyes and heart a bit wider and caused me to change my business philosophy. Every client session financially supports an organization involved in the support of one of those warriors.

I prefer photographing people and pets in places relevant to their lives but am in the process of designing and building a studio to explore new interpretations and to offer Austinites a choice to be out of the sun for awhile. I’d love to photograph a special relationship or person in your life and let a part of the session reach across town or across the world to connect with people making a difference, one person or pet at a time.